Pen Orders

Payment must be made prior to starting custom pen orders. While we do maintain an inventory of pens for display and handling, the vast majority are customized and therefore unique for each order. Wood and acrylic pen blanks and the metallic pen kits come from multiple vendors. Once the components are selected, ordered and delivered, the blanks must be drilled, cut and glued to the pen kit tubes. The glue should cure for a minimum of 12 hours prior to being turned on the lathe. This is the majority of the requested lead time prior to delivering a completed pen.

Special/Custom Pen Orders

There are hundreds of pen kits and thousands of pen blanks available. If you want a custom pen designed, please use our Contact Page and we'll work it out together. We are happy to accommodate nearly any request with competitive prices and excellent quality.

Sierra Style Pens

The Sierra family of pen kits has become one of the most popular pen kits worldwide. The Sierra trademark belongs to Berea hardwoods, but a variety of high quality clones are available under the Gatsby, Wall Street, Monet, Monarch, etc. names. Unless specifically requested otherwise, we may use a Sierra clone kit to accommodate a specific plating selection. The clones selected are of similar quality, functionality and pricing as the Sierra kits.

Sierra pen kits are made with several metals, some of the higher end platings cost more than five times the least expensive kits. Acrylic and wood blanks have an even wider range of prices, with the higher end blanks being up to fifty times more expensive than the least expensive. Some of these blanks are hand produced in small batches by boutique craftsmen. We will be happy to guide you within a requested budget to a beautiful final product. Including shipping, our Sierra pens are generally in the $50 ballpark. In some instances, some materials require extra care, such as cocobolo wood, which is high on the list of allergens. Others, such as charred oak whiskey barrels, are particularly touch on tools and require longer time to complete. Some woods, such as purpleheart, require additional time and/or tools to bring out the best results.

Pens in Stock for Immediate Sale

Seashore on
Elegant Sierra Satin Chome
Mother Earth on Sierra Gold

Price: $67

Seashore on Elegant Sierra Satin Chrome uses actual sand and shells from Florida beaches to provide a beautiful and unique pen. Coupled with the Elegant Sierra kit, this is a continuous conversation piece and a joy to write with.

Padauk (pah-duke) wood on
Sierra Elegant Coffee / Copper
Padauk on Sierra Elegant Coffee

Price: $49

Rich, Dark Orange Padauk on Sierra Elegant Beauty Titanium Coffee and Bright Copper is one of my personal favorites and a perfect color combination. All of the colors work well together and as the Padauk naturally darkens with age it will take on a deeper brown tone.

DiamondCast Orion on
Sierra Gold
Diamondcast Orion on Sierra Gold

Price: $52

Diamondcast Orion is a beautiful blank crafted with real diamond powder using a patent pending process. The manufacturer provides a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA), which is included in the delivery of your pen. This blank also features a small amount of real silver that helps create the star like effect in the finished pen. The deep blues and rich purples are a beautiful match with the gold plating.

À La Carte Sierra Pen Ordering

As mentioned above, if you prefer a custom pen designed, please use our Contact Page and we'll work it out together. We are happy to accommodate nearly any request with competitive prices and excellent quality.

Please feel free to Contact Us for any questions.

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